We are very excited to announce that the Owner of Kingsway City, Tah Land Pty Ltd, has appointed Lanskey Constructions to undertake development of the ALDI SUPERMARKET and NIDO CHILDCARE CENTRE. 

The project also entails the refurbishment of the shops and mall between Mass-Age Massage and Kingsway Growers Market, with the majority of the works occuring on the vacant land located behind this zone, and the Bridgestone Tyre centre.

The builder anticipates commencing work on site on 10 January 2019, with a targeted completion by September 2019.

Make sure to stay tuned to this page over the coming weeks for more information.

For frequently asked questions & answers about the new Kingsway City development, please click below.


UPDATE - Wednesday 5 June 2019

The Kingsway City development works continue to progress on schedule, with ALDI Supermarket, Kingsway Patisserie and Nido Early School opening in the next few months 👍😀

As part of the development works the Centre will soon have free wi-fi available for customers and Nido Early School will open an amazing nature playground.

UPDATE - Wednesday 8 May 2019

You will have noticed the hoarded area opposite Woolworths continues to grow, as the development works progress for the upcoming arrival of ALDI Supermarket & NIDO Early School at the Centre in September.

Minu Threading has now relocated to a new permanent shop opposite Priceline, open for trade as of Thursday 9 May. Kingsway Bakery & Patisserie will re-open in September with a new format store. Stay Healthy are now located in their permanent store next to Sportspower and a new bigger growers market will also join the Centre as part of our Fresh Food Mall concept.

Our next retailer move will be Mass.Age Massage, who will be relocating to a new permanent store next to Specsavers in the coming weeks.

UPDATE - Tuesday 23 April 2019

Please note that Kingsway Patisserie & Bakery will be closed from Tuesday 30 April as part of the Kingsway City development works and will re-open in August with a new format store.


UPDATE - Wednesday 17 April 2019

The Kingsway City building works continue on schedule for a September completion date   Great progress is being made on both the ALDI Supermarket and NIDO Early School sites.

Next retailer moves will be Minu Threading and Mass.Age to their new permanent tenancies at the Centre, with this area hoarded off ready for works to commence on our new Fresh Food Mall.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page next week for more information.

20190417_113427 (1).jpg

UPDATE - Sunday, 24 March 2019

You will have noticed some major changes on the development external building site, with the concrete walls now up and work continuing to progress daily.

The second of our retailer moves has now taken place with Yooshoos relocating to their temporary store in the Big W mall, adjacent to Foxy Nails.


UPDATE - Wednesday, 13 March 2019

We are happy to say that site works on the construction of both ALDI Supermarket & NIDO Child Care are now well underway, both internally and externally.

Walls have now gone up on the NIDO Child Care site and concrete works on the ALDI site continue to gain momentum, which is exciting to see.


UPDATE - Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Stay Healthy have now relocated to their temporary store, located next to Sportspower, and have a great range of special offers available.

Why not pop over and check it out!


UPDATE - Saturday 16 February 2019

On-site forming of concrete wall panels for the ALDI Supermarket and Childcare Centre has now commenced.


UPDATE - Wednesday 6 February 2019

Building work progress continues, with internal hoarding now installed in the mall area opposite Woolworths. The external building site area has been cleared, ready for the concrete slab to be installed for both ALDI SUPERMARKET and NIDO CHILDCARE CENTRE.

The first retailer movements will commence soon, with the relocation of Stay Healthy in mid-February to their new temporary store in the mall area between Woolworths and Big W.

Make sure to check back each week for regular updates, as we lead up to the anticipated completion date of late September 2019 😁


UPDATE - Wednesday, 30th January 2019

We are excited to show building works have now commenced on both sites for.ALDI SUPERMARKET and NIDO CHILDCARE CENTRE.

As of Wednesday 30 January 2019, the Kingsway City Kids Play Zone will be located in the Fountain Food Court (next to LA Nails). Stay Healthy will be moving to their new location adjacent to Sportspower in mid February 2019.

Make sure to check back each week for regular updates, as we lead up to the anticipated completion date of late September 2019

UPDATE - Wednesday 16 January 2019

We are happy to announce that development works have officially started at #KingswayCity on the new Aldi Supermarket and Nido Childcare Centre site. The area has now been fenced off, as the building contractor prepares the area for work to continue.

Make sure to check back each week for regular updates, as we lead up to the anticipated completion date of late September 2019