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Free Skin Cancer Screening by Lions Club of Girrawheen

FREE Skin Cancer Screening by Lions club of Girrawheen, as a joint project with LIONS Cancer Institute Inc.
Saturday 30th March 2019
9am to 3pm
Held at Kingsway City Shopping Centre

If you are 20 years or older and can answer YES to three of the following, you may be at risk.

- A family member who has had a malignant melanoma. (Mother, Brother, Sister or Grandparents)
- Five or more moles (not freckles) on your forearms.
- Previously had moles removed that were not cancers
- Previously had skin cancer.
- A mole or freckle, which is changing, size, colour or shape
- Fair skin that always burns rather than tans
- Had blistering sunburn as a child enough to stay off school
- Any inflamed skin sores that do not heal

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